Rob Reiner: Trump Committing ‘Premeditated Murder’

Director Rob Reiner speaks at a Women's March against sexual violence and the policie
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Far-left Hollywood director Rob Reiner appeared to reach a new level of derangement over President Donald Trump and the coronavirus on Wednesday, saying the president’s comments about “rounding a corner” on the virus is a form of “unmitigated evil” that amounts to “premeditated murder.”

“Of the 10s of thousands of lies this Sociopath has told, saying the Coronavirus has turned a corner is unmitigated evil,” Reiner wrote on Twitter. “It is premeditated murder.”

Reiner appeared to be referring to recent remarks from Trump that America is “rounding the corner” in the battle against the global pandemic.

“Tremendous progress is being made.  And I say, and I’ll say it all the time: We’re rounding the corner.  And, very importantly, vaccines are coming, but we’re rounding the corner regardless,” Trump said at a press conference last month. “But vaccines are coming, and they’re coming fast.  We have four great companies already, and it’s going to be added very rapidly.  They’re in the final stages of testing.  And from what we’re hearing, the results are going to be very extraordinary.”

The 73-year-old filmmaker remains perhaps Hollywood’s most fervent critic of the president and his response to the coronavirus pandemic. Among his most outlandish declarations include claims that the Republican’s election platform is to “kill as many Americans as possible,” comparing a vote for Trump as a “vote for death” and accusing him of being an accessory to murder.

“I’m not a lawyer, but it seems to me if you’re the most influential person in America and you tell the public that a deadly viral pandemic is a hoax & countless citizens accept that as reality, do nothing to protect themselves then end up dead, you might be an accessory,” he wrote back in March.

The Princess Bride director is set on Wednesday to reunite with the cast of the popular 1984 rock music mockumentary This Is Spinal Tap to help raise money for Democrats and Joe Biden in Pennsylvania.

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