Delingpole: Qantas ‘No Vaccine, No Fly’ Boss Is Another Great Reset Shill

CORRECTION Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce poses for photos after a press conference in Sydney on August 20, 2015. Australia carrier Qantas roared back into the black in a stunning turnaround of fortunes driven by aggressive cost-cutting, while placing an order for eight Boeing Dreamliners. AFP PHOTO / SAEED KHAN …

Australia’s Qantas has become the first airline to insist all its passengers must be vaccinated against coronavirus.

The announcement prompted a furious response from many of its customers. Here is a choice example:

Qantas’s decision at first seems inexplicable.

For a start, as Lockdown Sceptics notes, there may potentially be liability issues.

Isn’t this is a little rash of Qantas? The big pharmaceutical companies are exempt from liability if a vaccine turns out to have harmful side effects, but not airlines. What if someone only gets vaccinated in order to fly on Qantas and then suffers serious harm? Won’t they be able to sue Qantas? Perhaps the Australian Government, which had to bail out the airline back in April and has probably ordered the CEO to make this announcement, has indemnified it.

Then there’s the issue of customer relations. It’s possible that many if not most airline passengers are comfortable with the idea of vaccines in principle. But since when has it been the business of an airline or indeed any other corporate entity to make them compulsory? Customers may have a host of good reasons why they do not wish to take a vaccine.

It ought not to be in the power of an airline to force them do something against their will.

Public feeling on this issue is strong: no one wants to live in a Blade Runner style dystopia where big corporations are just as oppressive as big government, only more powerful and less accountable. This is why Ticketmaster experienced a massive consumer backlash when it recently floated the idea that customers would need to be vaccinated against coronavirus before they attended any of its live events.

Ticketmaster has since denied it was ever its intention to support such a scheme.

In a statement it said:

‘We are not forcing anyone to do anything.’

Compulsory vaccination is such a controversial issue it seems likely that companies supporting it will lose more customers than they gain.

Note, for example, how Ryanair – the budget airline run by canny showman Michael O’Leary – has made a big deal of the fact it won’t require a coronavirus vaccine for its European passengers.

Which only adds to the mystery of what possible reason Qantas could have for alienating potential passengers at a time when the airline industry is in the middle of a near-terminal nosedive.

Happily, the mystery may well have been solved:

Yes, it seems that Qantas CEO Alan Joyce is a paid up member of the World Economic Forum, the institution behind the Great Reset.

Compulsory vaccination is a key part of the Great Reset plan for a New World Order in which an elite of technocrats control every aspect of ordinary people’s lives. The ‘no vaccine, no flight’ rule being proposed by Alan Joyce is entirely in keeping with this form of globalist/corporatist bullying, which in many ways mirrors the ‘social credit’ system in Communist China where your ‘freedom’ to do anything largely depends on how compliant you are with the system’s strict rules.

This article at Zero Hedge puts it well:

It’s like a 24/7 medicated reality, except the medications are both chemical and digital, and they are reporting you back to the mothership, which can then punish you for bad behavior by, say, blocking your access to certain places or by putting a hold on your digital bank account—perhaps without any human intervention at all.

Given that Australia’s response to coronavirus has, like New Zealand’s, been effectively to try to quarantine itself from the rest of the entire world, it seems likely that the survival chances of its national airline are – at least without state subsidy – virtually zero.

CEO Alan Joyce may have done a superb job here of driving the last nail in its coffin: no one in the real world wants the Great Reset to happen; that’s why most free citizens will be tempted to boycott those businesses (large corporations, mostly) which support this iniquitous and frightening globalist masterplan.


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