Watch: CNN’s Sidner Confronted in Minnesota By Protester with Anti-Media, Profanity-Filled Rant


CNN’s Sara Sidner was confronted by a male protester live at Brooklyn Center, MN on Monday at the second night of protests following Daunte Wright’s killing by a police officer.

As Sidner began the live shot discussing the tear gas police deployed, a man said, “Now you can see you’ll be twisting up the story. That’s all you’re doing.”

Sidner asked a male protester, “So tell me what you think about what’s going on here.”

The man said, “What I think about this is all the press and all the extra shit y’all do makes this worse.”

He added, “When people want to protest, they shouldn’t do it in front of a fucking police courthouse. Shit like that. You get what the fuck I’m saying?”

Sidner said, “I want you to be careful. I really do.”

He asked, “Of what?”

She responded, “Of anything that can hit you.”

He asked, “Do I look like I’m scared?”

He continued, “You all need to get up out of here with all that twisting up the media and shit.”

He added, “Y’all just gonna edit out the shit that y’all don’t want. And then you’re gonna edit out some other shit.”

Sidner said, “This is live right now. We’re with CNN.”

The man responded, “I don’t care if you’re live or not, get away from here with all that media shit that y’all doing.

He added, “Y’all doing the extra shit for the backhand shit to make people crazier than what the fuck they are.”

As the man walked away, Sidner said, “Everybody’s got a hot head right now, as you might imagine, because it is really, really hot right now.”

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