Nancy Pelosi Announces Partisan January 6 Investigation, Resists Probes into Coronavirus Origins

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi / Facebook

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) announced Thursday during a weekly press conference a plan to create a partisan January 6 investigation via a select committee while resisting calls for a probe into the origins of the coronavirus.

“This morning with great solemnity and sadness I’m announcing that the House will be establishing a select committee on the January 6th insurrection,” she said with a pleasant look on her face.

The partisan committee is charged to “investigate and report on the facts and the causes of the attack and it will report recommendations for the prevention of any future attack.”

Pelosi and Democrat leaders previously attempted to create a congressionally approved January 6 Commission to investigate the protests and riots on that day, but Senate Republicans blocked the legislation in May.

The defeat of the commission was brought about because House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) believed Democrats were not negotiating on the particulars of the commission in good faith with Republicans.

But while Pelosi seeks to investigate January 6, she continues to ignore Republicans’ demands to assemble a committee or commission to investigate the origins of coronavirus, which 60 percent of Americans believe came from the Wuhan lab in China.

Those demands have been sidelined, even though information frequently trickles out about the potential of American tax payer dollars funding the Wuhan Lab’s gain of function research.

Most recently, on Thursday, news broke that Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Francis Collins reportedly protested former President Donald Trump’s order to terminate virus research money from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) connected to the Wuhan Lab, according to a book to be released June 29 by Washington Post reporters.

The ends to which Fauci may be implicated could be revealed by a federal government investigation that commenced a probe June 15 into how the NIH “manages and monitors” its ongoing grant program to foreign labs, such as the Wuhan lab that Fauci’s organization indirectly funded.

The probe is likely to focus on Peter Daszak, the man responsible for steering U.S. government grant money to the Wuhan lab, and who thanked Fauci in April 2020 for publicly dismissing the theory coronavirus may have leaked from the lab, emails revealed.


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