Nolte: Only a Deep State Stooge Would Disregard Tucker Carlson’s Spying Claim

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After everything we’ve seen over the last five years, only a willfully ignorant and deliberately dishonest deep state stooge would dismiss Tucker Carlson’s claim about the NSA spying on him.

This isn’t even one of those Rorschach tests. Instead, this event forever exposes those looking to deceive the public deliberately.

For the record, just like everyone else, I have no idea if Carlson’s spying claims are accurate or not. I don’t doubt Carlson believes it. He’s the top guy in all of cable news, so it’s not like he needs ratings. He’s also been around for decades. Nevertheless, I don’t know if the NSA is spying on him, and neither do those who are, without a shred of evidence, attacking Carlson as a liar and conspiracy theorist.

On what planet can an intellectually honest person dismiss Carlson as a liar?

Not on Planet U.S.A. in the year 2021, I’ll tell you that… Not after what we saw with the Deep State/Media Russia Collusion Hoax. Not after the IRS scandal where conservatives were targeted for harassment and crippling audits. Not after the FBI was caught lying on warrants to spy on the Trump campaign. Not after the Obama White House was caught perusing wiretaps of the Trump campaign. Not after the cascade of illegal deep state leaks — most of them lies — deliberately timed and spun to remove Trump from office (which is what real people call a coup). Not after Edward Snowden. Not after Julian Assange.

The idea of the Deep State’s spying on Tucker Carlson to ruin him would only surprise me if it turned to out not be true.

Not only are the past five years enough proof to give Carlson the benefit of the doubt, so too is the fact just this week, someone leaked Carlson’s emails requesting an interview with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

Granted, we don’t know where that leak came from. But it makes me more than a little nauseous to know we live in a country where a journalist doing his job (looking to interview a rival country’s leader) is now spun as some sort of treasonous sin. But again, the only thing that would actually surprise me about this leak is if it did NOT originate from our malevolent and lawless Deep State.

Despite everything that’s happened over the past five years — including the NSA’s hilarious non-denial of the Carlson claim, it’s time to take note of those looking to bamboozle and gaslight us to protect the malevolent and lawless Deep State:

Former-intellectual Jonah Goldberg:

The Deep State stooge we call Curly:

And on, and on (see below)…

The following list is not only those looking to smear Tucker Carlson. They’re also looking to deceive the whole country into believing the laughable fiction our precious Deep State simply isn’t capable of doing any such thing and that anyone who says differently is a traitor, liar, and conspiracy theorist.

Again, and I want to be very clear about this… I don’t know the truth about Carlson’s spying allegation. What I do know, however, is that those who immediately tell us such a claim is a lie — well, those are people no one can trust.

Below is a far from an exhaustive list, and as you peruse the list, please think about the following… If they’re willing to say something as on-its-face absurd as this to deceive you, there is nothing they won’t say, no lie they won’t tell, no propaganda they won’t push.

These are people interested in everything but the truth, interested only in their own access to illegal leaks and their status in the Swamp. Bad, bad people…



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