‘Justice for J6’ Activist Rips Media for Fearmongering: ‘Do I Look Like a White Supremacist to You?’

Matt Perdie / Breitbart News

“Justice for J6” activist Cara Castronuova slammed the establishment media for fearmongering, proclaiming, “Do I look like a white supremacist to you?” as she said she voted for former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton before voting for former President Donald Trump, twice.

“Take a look around, do you see an insurrection?” Castronuova said during the “Justice for J6” rally in Washington, D.C., on Saturday.

“Who watched the news this week? Who read the media? Who was terrified to come here? Shame on the people and the system that put fear in the hearts of American citizens to stay home and to not come out,” she continued.

“Many who have called me and messaged me begging and pleading for me to stay home, because they fear for my life and my freedom,” Castronuova added. “What kind of America has this become, where people are afraid to come out and protest?”

Castronuova went on to call out the establishment press for claiming that Saturday’s rally would be a “white supremacist” event.

“Do I look like a white supremacist to you? I’m Chinese and Italian, I’m a feminist, I voted for Barack Obama twice, I voted for Bill Clinton, and then I voted for Donald Trump twice,” Castronuova proclaimed.

“That’s right. I am not a white supremacist, and I am sick and tired of the narrative that people that support these prisoners and that support justice in America and freedom are white supremacists,” the activist continued.

“It’s a means to divide and distract us, and I’m asking you, mainstream media, to please stop dividing and distracting the American people,” Castronuova added. “Please stop dividing and distracting us. We have more in common than we have different. But according to you, we should be enemies.”

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