Poll: 76% of Adults Say Biden’s Coronavirus Child Tax Credit Program ‘Did Not Help at All’

Stressed out mother with two children (Stock photo via Getty)
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Seventy-six percent of American adults said President Joe Biden’s coronavirus child tax credit program “did not help at all,” a Thursday NPR/Marist poll revealed.

While Biden touted the child tax credit program as the “largest … and historic relief to the most working families ever,” the vast majority of Americans disagreed. Only four percent of adults believe the tax credit helped them a lot, and just sixteen percent said it helped them a little.

The tax credit was passed in Biden’s $1.8 trillion coronavirus relief package in March, which included a round of free money that funded unemployment aid programs. The measure passed in the Senate by one Democrat vote.

According to the poll, only 59 percent of parents with children younger than 18 said they received the credit. Thirty-six percent said they had not received the credit.

Among those who received the tax credit, just 15 percent said the credit helped them, while 64 percent said it helped them a little bit, and 21 percent said not at all.

Families who received the money and who have an annual household income of less than $50,000 were also disappointed with the tax credit. In this case, only five percent said the credit was helpful, 16 percent said a little helpful, and 73 percent said not helpful at all.

The numbers were even worse for those who received the tax credit as Biden supporters. Four percent said the credit helped a lot, 15 percent said some, and 77 percent said not at all.

When respondents were asked who is responsible for the unpopular tax credit program, 20 percent blamed Biden, 47 blamed congressional Democrats, and nine percent blamed congressional Republicans.

The poll sampled 1,172 adults from November 30 through December 6. The margin of error is 3.8 percentage points.

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