Dem Sen. Murphy: Only Renewable Energy Can Make America Independent from Dictators’ Oil

Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) said Tuesday on CNN’s “The Lead” that only renewable energy can make America energy independent.

Anchor Jake Tapper said, “President Biden today announced a full ban on Russian natural gas, coal import to the United States. He said he hopes this will deal another powerful blow to Putin’s war machine.”
Murphy said, “I think there’s a moral imperative for the United States to not send money to fund Putin’s war. But we are a very small share of Russia’s exports.”

Murphy said, “The reality is if we’re not getting this from Russia, we’re likely going to be importing more from another brutal dictator, in Saudi Arabia, for instance, or we may have to go to Venezuela. We should learn our lesson here and become energy independent and choose to invest in clean domestic energy, so we never have to choose between one dictator versus another.”

He added, “When you talk about domestic oil production, there is no guarantee that stays in the United States. When we produce oil in the United States, that goes to the highest bidder. Sometimes that’s here in the U.S., but oftentimes, that oil gets sent to China.”

Murphy concluded, “Renewable energy stays in the United States. When we are producing energy from solar panels or wind turbines — that stays on the American grid, if you really care about keeping American energy in the United States, you should be investing in renewables.”

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