Poll: Voters Say Coronavirus Not a Top Issue Anymore

Man's hand throwing used surgical mask in the garbage.
Limpido / iStock / Getty Images Plus

Voters do not consider the Chinese coronavirus as a top issue facing the country anymore, a recent Harvard-Harris survey found.

The survey asked voters, “What would you say are the most important issues facing the country today?” and instructed them to choose three. 

Voters identified price increases/inflation as the number one issue facing the country — 33 percent. The economy and jobs followed with 28 percent, and immigration rounded out the top three with 22 percent. 

The coronavirus failed to make the top three issues, even as voters were asked to choose three. It dropped to fourth place with 18 percent, but crime and drugs came closely behind with 17 percent, reflecting a three percent increase. 

Voters were then asked to identify their greatest concern and second greatest concern. Forty-one percent of voters chose inflation as the greatest concern, and 17 percent identified it as their second greatest concern. What is more, three-quarters admit they are “afraid” of inflation and its effect on them.

Additionally, more than twice as many voters say that they are financially “getting worse” as those who said the same one year ago. Forty-eight percent said their financial situation is “getting worse,” compared to 22 percent who said the same in April 2021.

The poll was conducted online from April 20-21, with 1,966 registered voters participating.

The survey comes as Americans grow weary of coronavirus restrictions and mandates. In March, Hawaii became the final state to lift its mask mandate, meaning all 50 states are currently void of mask rules at the state level.

This month, a Trump-appointed federal judge nixed President Biden’s federal mask mandate for public transportation, freeing travelers from being forced to cover their faces on airplanes. However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has given the Justice Department the green light to appeal the ruling.


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