Biden Declares Recently Arrived Immigrants ‘New Americans’ with Revamp of Obama Era Task Force

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President Joe Biden is declaring recently arrived legal immigrants on green cards “new Americans” as he revamps a task force first created by former President Obama.

In November 2014, Obama created the White House Task Force on New Americans to get language, financial, healthcare, workforce, and educational services for newly arrived legal immigrants to the United States.

Now, the Biden administration is revamping the task force for green card-holders in an effort to “integrate” them into U.S. society — a distinction that ditches assimilation to American culture in favor of multiculturalism.

The AP reports:

The Biden administration is reinstating a task force that is aimed at helping immigrants and refugees integrate into the United States.
[Emphasis added]

The Task Force on New Americans will be run by the Domestic Policy Council and the focus will be workforce training, education and financial access as well as language learning and the health of immigrants who have green cards and other types of legal status, according to the White House.
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According to the White House, the task force will look at existing integration policies and programs and work to sharpen them and identify new key areas of need. [Emphasis added]

Since taking office, as Breitbart News has chronicled, Biden has sought to drastically boost the number of annual naturalizations.

In Fiscal Year 2021 and 2022, mass migration activists hailed their achievement in getting naturalized American citizenship for more than 1.5 million green card holders. This year, alone, Biden is projected to spike the number of naturalizations to about 940,000.

Already, foreign-born voters make up about 10 percent of the total eligible voting population, accounting for 1-in-10 eligible voters today. Compare that to less than three decades ago when the naturalized American citizen population was just 7.6 million.

Data compiled by the American Immigration Council shows that the nation’s ongoing legal immigration levels coupled with Biden’s increased naturalization rates have helped boost the foreign-born voting population in 75 percent of swing states since 2016.

In states like Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin, for example, the share of foreign-born voters in each electorate far exceeds the margin of victory in the 2020 election.

Annually, more than a million green cards are awarded to foreign nationals every year in addition to about a million foreign nationals who arrive annually on temporary work visas.

Today, about 48 million foreign born residents reside in the U.S. — the largest immigrant population in American history. At current legal immigration levels, the foreign born population is estimated to hit 70 million by 2060.

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