Broward County Schools Remove Sexually Explicit, Pornographic Book

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Concerned parents scored a victory this week following Florida’s Broward County Schools removing a sexually explicit book — which has been labeled “pornography” —  from schools.

The book in question is titled “Let’s Talk About It: The Teen’s Guide to Sex, Relationships, and Being a Human”:

The book, which contains graphic images, states that virginity is a “silly label people came up with to describe a person who hasn’t done a specific sexual act, traditionally a cisgender man or woman who hasn’t yet had penis-in-vagina intercourse.”

“But since there are SO many ways to have sex between SO many different kinds of people and body parts, you can be a virgin in one kind of sex act and totally NOT a virgin in others,” it reads, concluding that virginity “just doesn’t work anymore in today’s world.”

It also contains explainers on transgender and nonbinary people alone with illustrated images, including one of a feminine looking figure with breasts but also male genitalia. The book also states that porn “can help you discover new aspects of your sexuality” if it is “consumed right.” Further, the book tells young readers that the Internet is a “great place to research fantasies and kinks safely.”

According to reports, the books were found at Fort Lauderdale High, Coral Glades High in Coral Springs, and Nova High in Davie. It was also found in Orange and Seminole county schools as well but has since been removed from those.

“UPDATE: Pornography in the classroom is a real and ongoing issue. (This book found in Orange, Seminole counties),” Bryan Griffin, press secretary for Gov. Ron DeSantis said, sharing images from the book:

“Once we received a complaint, we initiated our review process of the material,” Broward school district spokesman John Sullivan said, according to the Sun-Sentinel. “During the review, the book will be removed from our schools.”

“Good. It is pornography,” Griffin said in response to the report of the book being removed:

The decision comes as parents continue to voice concerns and fight back against the woke indoctrination of their children, particularly in public schools.


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