Texas Right to Life: Mainstream Media’s Pro-Abortion Bias Is ‘Deadly’

Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

Texas Right to Life has called out mainstream media’s blatant pro-abortion bias that propagates the lies of the abortion industry.

Reporters “bend the truth” to make every American believe that the pro-life movement is “nothing but an anti-scientific hate-filled conspiracy to control women,” states the organization’s president Dr. John Seago in an email late Monday.

But because of the media’s willingness to repeat the lies told by the abortion lobby, they make themselves “an accessory of the abortion industry,” Seago declares.

Much of the battle is about words, Seago suggests, because whoever controls the words controls the narrative.

“They say ‘it’s just a fetus,’ not a baby,” Seago notes. “They say ‘sporadic electrical impulses,’ not a heartbeat; they say ‘reproductive justice,’ not ending a human life.”

Moreover, leftist reporters “continue to misrepresent, misreport, and uncritically quote confused doctors in their stories without question,” Seago states.

As a recent example, Seago links to an MSNBC report from last week that “blasted” Texas Right to Life, suggesting it is “disingenuous” to oblige doctors to follow the letter of the law.

The media’s pro-abortion slant is not just irritating, Seago insists, it is “deadly,” because what is at stake is the life of the unborn child.

Seago “shepherded” the passage of Texas’ Late-Term Abortion Ban & Heartbeat Act, calling the legislation “a phenomenal victory and the most significant accomplishment for the Texas pro-life movement since Roe.”


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