VIDEO – Ice Cube Slams Black Americans’ Support for Democrats: ‘Nothing Has Changed’

Rapper Ice Cube, founding member of Westside Connection and N.W.A, performs onstage during
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Rapper and actor Ice Cube said recently the black community’s decades of support for Democrats has failed to bring change.

During a recent interview on the Full Send Podcast, one of the hosts asked him if there was a “stigma” in the black community when it came to Republicans.

“I don’t know what’s going on in the African American community when it comes to that. I mean, black people have supported Democrats overwhelmingly for fifty, sixty years. And nothing has changed. So, something’s gotta change,” Ice Cube replied.

The discussion begins at the 56:25 mark:

During a 2021 interview that resurfaced in October, Ice Cube said black Americans have not gained a lot despite their support for the Democrat Party, according to Breitbart News.

Watch below:

Ice Cube also said President Joe Biden’s (D) administration failed to engage in a meaningful way when it came to his “Contract with Black America” that centers around racial economic justice.

In addition, he was criticized for meeting with President Donald Trump.

“I just think people didn’t understand exactly where I was coming from. And people are really used to seeing black people go on one side, to the Democratic Party,” he explained. “We’ve been doing that for a long time as a people and we haven’t really gained as much as we should.”

Joe Biden at a GOTV Event with Senator Kamala Harris at Renaissance High School - Detroit, MI - March 9, 2020

Joe Biden at a GOTV Event with Kamala Harris at Renaissance High School in Detroit, Michigan, on March 9, 2020. (Adam Schulz/Biden for President)

Ice Cube apparently met with the Biden administration to discuss the contract after the president’s team initially refused to meet with him during the presidential race, Breitbart News reported in February 2021.

During the recent interview, Ice Cube said he never threw his support behind Trump or Biden and never asked to speak with either political party.

“I created a document called the Contract with Black America that spelled out a lot of different issues that we believe were the reason why there was so much unrest after George Floyd was killed,” he continued:

I released the document and everybody wanted to talk to me. The Republicans asked to talk to me and the Democrats. I went to talk to both of them about the contract. The Republicans asked could they implement some things from the contract into their proposal. And I said the document was open for anybody to use in any way they desire.

So if they just want to use it as educational purposes they could. If they wanted to add more paragraphs or more ideas to it they could. If they wanted to use it to get a law changed they could. So I didn’t mind them using it. I met with the Democrats. The Democrats said, “We like 90 percent of what’s in there and we’ll talk to you after the election about it.” And I said, “Okay.” And I felt like, after that everybody started to pile on and say that I was for Trump and I was for this and I was for that. It’s not true.

Ice Cube also noted, “Whoever’s in power you have to talk to the people in power. Even enemies talk.”


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