Joe Biden Claims He Never Spoke with Hunter and Business Associates on Speaker Phone, Contradicting Devon Archer

US President Joe Biden on a smartphone during a National Small Business Week event in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, DC, US, on Monday, May 1, 2023. The White House said Biden administration investments in America has led to 10.5 million applications to start small businesses …
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President Joe Biden claimed Wednesday he never spoke with Hunter Biden and business associates on speaker phone, contradicting Devon Archer’s congressional testimony.

Archer, Hunter Biden’s best friend in business, told House investigators in July that Hunter put then-Vice President Joe Biden on speakerphone more than 20 times with business associates to sell “the brand.”

Two of those phone calls came during meetings with Burisma Holdings and BHR Partners, a Chinese state-backed fund.

“There’s this testimony now where one of your son’s former business associates is claiming that you were on speaker phone a lot with them, talking business. Is that what…?” Fox News’s Peter Doocy asked Joe Biden.

“I never talked business with anybody, and I knew you’d have a lousy question,” the president replied.

“Well, why is that a lousy question?” Doocy asked.

“Because it’s not true,” said the president, who immediately started walking away.

“Okay, thank you, Mr. President,” Doocy said.

This denial of involvement in the family business is Joe Biden’s tenth.

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Powerful allegations suggest Joe Biden is lying. The allegations include but are not limited to photos, texts, an audio recording, and IRS and former business partner whistleblower testimonies:

  1. Biden family suspicious activity reports of wire transfers
  2. Texts
  3. Emails
  4. WhatsApp messages
  5. Photos of Joe with Hunter’s business partners
  6. Joe Biden’s voicemail to Hunter
  7. Five individuals referencing Joe Biden as the “big guy”
  8. Two whistleblower testimonies
  9. FBI FD-1023 form alleging recorded phone calls and texts between Biden and a Burimsa executive
  10. FBI informant alleging bribes 
  11. Video of Joe Biden bragging about firing the Ukrainian prosecutor
  12. Hunter’s statements about giving half his income to his dad
  13. Former White House Aide saying FBI ignored Joe Biden’s role in Ukraine business dealings
  14. Millions flowing into Biden family bank accounts
  15. Hunter paying for Joe Biden’s expenses

During a Tucker Carlson interview last week, Devon Archer stated Joe Biden’s repeated claims of not being involved in the family business are “categorically false.”

“Joe Biden had no role whatsoever in his son’s business or knowledge of it, right? That seems false,” Tucker stated to Archer.

“I think that’s categorically false,” Archer confirmed. “I think that’s not factually right.”

“I think he was aware of Hunter’s business,” Archer said. “He met with Hunter’s business partners. I mean, you found a letter that he wrote to me,” Archer said, describing a thank you note he received from Joe Biden in 2011:


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