Nolte: Anti-Jewish Hate Crimes Surge 214% in Democrat-Run New York City

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - OCTOBER 12: A person walks as police patrol a neighborhood in Brookly
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Hate crimes against Jews in Democrat-run New York City surged 214 percent last month, the far-left New York Daily News reports.

This is typical.

Most of the gun violence, violent crime, pollution, sexism, racism, and hate crimes occur where Democrats are in charge.

Time and time again, we see this. And yet, in rural MAGA Land, where all the supposed racists live, where we all own guns, where we supposedly don’t care about the environment, our towns and neighborhoods are clean, peaceful, safe, and tolerant.

Funny how that works.

New York City, of course, is one of the most left-wing cities in the country, and yet hate is still on the march. Actually, as you will see, hate against Jews is on a rampage. Last month in New York, overall hate crimes increased by 124 percent when compared to October of 2022. But hate crime reports against Jews skyrocketed by an astonishing 214 percent, police data indicates.

“We’re feeling it 100%,” Bob Moskovitz,  the executive coordinator of Brooklyn’s Flatbush Shomrim Safety Patrol, told the Daily News. “Our hotline, which the community utilizes to report any incident, has probably increased in this last month and a half by 300%. The phone is simply not stopping.”

In a city where Joe Biden won 77 percent of the vote, a normal month results in 500 incident calls. October resulted in 1,600.

“We’re the eyes and ears for the Police Department,” Moskovitz said, “because they are simply overwhelmed with 911 calls and running all over the place.” He added that a lot of the calls come from Jewish institutions looking for help, for someone to post outside.

“[I]t’s to the point where people are panicking,” Moscowitz added. “A lot of the stuff that would have been swept under the rug is now being reported.”

Sadly, much of the hate is coming from middle school and high school kids who drive through Jewish neighborhoods waving Palestinian flags and shouting at Jewish residents. Jewish residents “wake up to find the Israeli flags they put outside their homes stolen or destroyed.”

Keep in mind that almost all of those kids are being raised by New York Democrats.

This explosion of hate, of prejudice and bigotry, of antisemitism is not exclusive to Democrat-run New York City. We are seeing this pro-Hamas cancer in Democrat-run cities all over the country and especially at Democrat-run universities, most especially “elite” ones such as Harvard, Brandeis, and Columbia. The left-wing corporate media has also been engaging in what can only be described as “blood libels” since the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas massacred 1,200 innocent Israelis and committed countless atrocities on October 7.

Where normal people live, everything is relatively safe, peaceful, tolerant, and clean.

Where leftists live, everything is dirty, hateful, violent, and dangerous.

What more do you need to know than that?

Editor’s Note: This story was updated to reflect a revised number on the death toll from the October 7 Hamas attack in Israel. The Israeli government estimate of 1,400 was revised to around 1,200, according to Reuters.

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