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Hundreds Rally in Canada to Protest India’s Sikh Crackdown

A growing conflict between India’s Hindu-majority government and Sikh separatists spilled over into Canada on Saturday, as hundreds of Canadian citizens with family ties to India’s Punjab gathered in Vancouver to protest reported human rights violations by Indian security forces.

Supporters of Waris Punjab De shout slogans favouring their chief and separatist leader Amritpal Singh and other arrested activists during a meeting at the Akal Takht Secretariat inside Golden Temple complex, in Amritsar, India, Monday, March 27, 2023. Indian police are searching for the separatist leader who has revived calls …

Hate Crimes Surge in Left-wing Los Angeles

Los Angeles, a Democratic Party bastion of supposed left-wing tolerance and enlightenment, saw hate crimes increase by 23% in 2021 to their highest levels in two decades, according to a new local government report.

Los Angeles Skyline 2 (Getty)