Joe Biden Blames Record-Setting Illegal Immigration on Republicans

Migrants rest on the bank of the dry river bed of the Rio Grande at the US-Mexico border i
Justin Hamel/Bloomberg

President Joe Biden is blaming record-setting levels of illegal immigration to the United States on congressional Republicans, suggesting they are standing in the way of “border enforcement.”

On Thursday, a bill to expand legal immigration while permitting tens of thousands of migrant encounters along the U.S.-Mexico border failed in the Senate by a 43-50 vote.

The bill would have, among other things, increased annual green card admissions by 50,000, expedited work permits for migrants released into the U.S. interior, and allowed some 35,000 migrant encounters at the border before the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) could enforce border controls.

In response to the Senate blocking the bill, Biden claimed Republicans are not interested in “securing the border or fixing America’s broken immigration system” and that they are “choosing to stand in the way of border enforcement…”

“We must make our border more secure and we must make sure the United States remains a beacon of hope and opportunity,” Biden said. “Today and every day, I remain committed to taking action to address our broken immigration system.”

The remarks by Biden come as House Republican leadership has detailed 64 actions the president has taken since taking office in late January 2021 that have resulted in record levels of illegal immigration.

Those actions include halting all border wall construction, ending the Remain in Mexico policy, eliminating cooperative endeavor agreements with Central America, eliminating Title 42, and creating a parole pipeline for migrants seeking release into the U.S. interior.

Most recently, the House Homeland Security Committee issued a report projecting that nationwide migrant encounters on Biden’s watch will top 10 million before the end of Fiscal Year 2024 — a record never seen before in American history.

Currently, about 9.5 million migrants have been encountered at the nation’s borders since Biden took office. Nearly eight million of these migrant encounters have occurred along the porous southern border where new arrivals have a 70 to 90 percent chance of being released into the U.S. interior.

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