Nolte: Women Made 19% Less than Men Working on Disney’s ‘The Acolyte’

Cast members attend the UK premiere of Disney+'s The Acolyte at the Odeon Luxe in central
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Over at the Disney Grooming Syndicate, all that talk about the “force is female” has proven to be nothing but another cheap hustle. How else to explain why the women working on the “gayest Star Wars yet” were paid 19.4 percent less than the guys?

“Documents filed by Disney have revealed that its latest Star Wars spinoff series, The Acolyte, isn’t a force for equality despite famously featuring a female-centric cast,” reports Forbes.

“[I]n early April last year, when production of the streaming series was still in full swing, just 30% of the 695 employees are women,” the report adds. “Across the entire workforce, women’s average hourly pay was 19.4% lower than men’s.”

But-but-but, the patriarchy.

The Acolyte is turning out to be a five-alarm disaster for the pro-child mutilators that run the Mouse House, specifically the extreme feminists behind The Acolyte—Lucasfilm chief Kathleen “Franchise Killer” Kennedy and Acolyte creator Leslye Headland. Not only is the show a total bust with viewers, who have awarded it a record-low rating for anything Star Wars-related at Rotten Tomatoes; but The Acolyte has quickly become a joke, a punchline, shorthand for a Star Wars franchise that has so alienated fans (deliberately), all those fans can do now is laugh at its creative awfulness and woke-raping of the mythology that made Star Wars Star Wars.

When the anger turns to laughter, say goodbye to your audience.

But this pay disparity news is really something. Leslye Headland and Kathleen Kennedy strut around like a couple of fearless Hardcore Feminist Warriors out to set the world straight for the ladies, and what do they do when they think no one will find out? Screw the ladies. Honestly, Disney spent $180 million on this piece-of-shit series. Wouldn’t a few more million have been worth it to ensure there was no chance of a negative “pay disparity” news cycle?

No, because they are all greedy and all this “force is female” nonsense is only about making money and earning privilege.

Does anyone think Kathleen Kennedy would still have a job if she were a guy?

Does anyone believe Disney would’ve okayed $180 million for this disaster if the person bringing it to them were a straight, white guy?

No and no.

The beauty of this pay disparity story is that after alienating all the Normal People who loved Star Wars, this news exposing the glaring hypocrisy of paying your female staff 19.4 percent less than the guys will alienate many of the franchise’s residual leftist fans.

Well, leftists, this is what happens when you cuddle up next to a mercenary multinational corporation for validation. All Kathleen Kennedy is interested in what enriches Kathleen Kennedy.

As far as Acolyte creator Leslye Headland, she spent four years working as convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein’s personal assistant.  You think she cares about women?

You’re all dummies. 

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