Poll: Hispanic Americans Prefer Donald Trump’s Border Controls to Joe Biden’s Catch and Release

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Hispanic Americans favor former President Donald Trump’s fierce interior immigration enforcement to President Joe Biden’s Catch and Release network at the United States-Mexico border, a poll reveals.

The USA Today/Suffolk University poll shows that a majority, 52 percent, of Hispanic registered voters prefer Trump’s border wall, Remain in Mexico policy, and his crackdown on illegal immigration compared to 43 percent of Hispanics who prefer Biden’s border policies, which center around an expansive Catch and Release network as well as executive amnesties.

Overall, the poll finds that American voters, by a 53 percent majority, prefer Trump’s agenda on immigration to Biden’s. Just four in ten Americans, for example, say they prefer Biden’s immigration agenda to Trump’s.

Importantly for Trump, white Americans are some of the most supportive of his immigration agenda, with almost six in ten saying they prefer his policies at the border to Biden’s. Likewise, half of swing voters favor Trump’s immigration agenda, as do 61 percent of voters from 50 to 64 years old and 55 percent of voters from 18 to 35 years old.

The poll shows immense vulnerabilities for Biden on immigration, as his administration has welcomed millions of migrants to the U.S. interior via the border with few plans to deport them.

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Most significantly, just two groups of voters prefer Biden’s immigration agenda over Trump’s by a majority: Democrat voters and black Americans.

The USA Today/Suffolk University poll comes as a recent YouGov poll found majority support for Trump’s immigration agenda. That poll showed that 54 percent of Americans favor the Remain in Mexico policy and mass deportations while 52 percent back building more border wall.

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