Ted Harvey: Hillary Clinton’s America Would Be a ‘Third World Country’

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton speaks during a Planned Parenthood Action Fund event June 10, 2016 in Washington, DC. Clinton addressed islamic terror after the Orlando attacks.
Alex Wong/Getty Images
Washington, DC

Colorado state Senator Ted Harvey, chairman of StopHillaryPAC.org, told Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon that this year’s election represents a struggle between “two views of what America is.” Citing Republican National Convention speakers, Harvey said, “Throughout the entire day, you saw people stand up and be proud of being Americans and wanting America to be the number-one country in the world again, rather than try and equalize the entire world and bring America down to where it’s a second or third world country.”

Added Harvey:

We are a country to be proud of. We have a system of government, a Constitution, that provides economic freedom for individuals, and we need to be proud of that. People are breaking down our walls and coming across our borders for the American dream because they realize that America has opportunity that no other country has. What you saw on display by the Republican Party and by the Trump campaign yesterday was truly an opportunity for hope for Americans and for the world. And if America fails, as Ronald Reagan said, we’re the last best hope for mankind. Where are people going to go? Where are people going to try to achieve the American dream?

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