Darryl Glenn Makes Iran Deal, Obamacare Centerpiece of His Senate Campaign: ‘Two Crucial Votes That Are Complete Disqualifiers from Office’

Alex Wong/Getty Images
Alex Wong/Getty Images

Darryl Glenn, Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Colorado and an Air Force veteran with more than two decades of active-duty and reserve service, was a guest on Friday morning’s Breitbart News Daily with SiriusXM host Alex Marlow to discuss his race against current Senator Michael Bennet.

Noting that Breitbart News/Gravis polling currently shows a narrow two-point lead for Glenn, in a state that has been generally shifting toward the Democrats, Marlow asked for the candidate’s take on the state of the race.

“Basically, right now we have been very strong with getting out, talking to people,” Glenn replied. He added:

I started back in January 2015 driving around the state because the current senator, Michael Bennet, spends more time being a Washington insider instead of coming out and talking to the people about the impacts of his support for the Iran nuclear deal and Obamacare. We’ve been making a lot of connections that way, and we’re building up a lot of momentum. We’re very confident that we will win this.

He said that Colorado voters were “very independent minds,” and to win an election there, “you really have to get out and talk to people”:

I know that there’s an appearance that Colorado is a blue state, but when you really go out there and you talk to people about the issues that are resonating across this state, it doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican, Democrat, or unaffiliated; it’s who has the best ground game, who can actually turn out their supporters.

I mean, you have a breakdown of one-third Republican, and one-third unaffiliated, and one-third Democrat, so you really have to do a really good job with your messaging. That’s why our campaign is so strong – because we’re focused on our national security issues, energy independence, and our debt. We’re really drawing a sharp contrast with Michael Bennet in the fact that he’s been more concerned with promoting the agenda of the Obama administration than actually representing Coloradans.

Glenn said Bennet was “completely out of step” with Colorado voters on the most important issues:

People are really angry about his support of the Iran nuclear deal. When you start thinking about the fact that he just recently spoke to The Denver Post, and he thinks everything’s fine. He’s not up there talking about how absolutely unconscionable it is with the ransom payments that are going out there, and potentially here we are feeding the number one world sponsor of terror, that could potentially use those funds against our own men and women that wear the uniform.

He’s not out there standing up against Obamacare. In fact, he doubled down on his support with that. In Colorado, people are looking at potentially a 20 to 40 percent premium increase, and his response is, “Aren’t you happy that more people are being covered?” And he is completely out of step with those issues.

He’s in for a rude wake-up call because people are really hurting, and I think it’s time for them to actually have somebody that’s going to represent them. And that’s why we’re telling people to go to ElectDarrylGlenn.com because we’re going to win this race.

“I made a statement at our convention that I’m tired of Republicans being preached to about reaching across the aisle,” Glenn said. “What I’m trying to emphasize is that it’s about leadership. I grew up as a Reagan conservative, and for me, as somebody who’s put the uniform on and dedicated his life to serving this country, it’s about leading.” He added, “I’m willing to work with anybody that will put the country first.”

“Unfortunately, we have too many people that are worried about getting elected and re-elected,” he stated, continuing:

It seems like the further they get away from their constituents, the more they start looking alike. And both parties are equally guilty with this. I’m standing up for the American people. And it’s about time that we have somebody that puts country first, and we actually get there and start focusing in on these issues. When we put country first, it’s amazing that we’re going to be able to bring people together, instead of dividing America.

When Glenn sadly observed that “we are more racially divided today than before our President even ran,” Marlow remarked that racial relations seem to be “going backwards, despite our obsessive race discussions throughout the last eight years.”

Glenn said he has specifically addressed that issue, seeing it as an opportunity to promote the conservative message:

I have been going into the underserved neighborhoods, and talking to people, and letting them know that the conservative message does work. Conservatives need to realize that you actually have to go in there and ask for the vote. I’ve really been able to focus in the fact that their current Senator is so out of step. When you start thinking about the economy and how people are struggling, education and choice opportunities, that’s a conservative issue, and Michael Bennet does not support voucher programs to actually be able to help elevate people out of these particular situations.

Michael Bennet is still supporting Obamacare, and that’s absolutely hurting, crushing small businesses. People need to know that the individual they keep re-electing is actually doing more harm to underserved communities, and that’s my job, to be able to deliver that message.

Marlow suggested the Left has been able to get its message on topics like race and education across more clearly, thanks to its control of public institutions and the media. “It seems like we’ve got the common sense, but we can’t get through to the voter,” he said.

“You have to actually show them. You have to be willing to go into those areas and have a conversation with people, and really highlight the fact – when you’re looking at it, especially in our Denver metro area – one in five people of color are unemployed and underemployed,” said Glenn, adding:

And what we need to highlight is the fact that here you have the Obama administration, and Hillary Clinton, and even Michael Bennet, the sitting Senator, wants to actually add more citizens that are not even citizens – more people into that area that are not citizens, to compete with the black and brown communities that are already unemployed and under-employed.

“And when we phrase it like that, people really can see the problem with allowing so many people in this country who are not citizens. We’re doing a complete disservice to the people that are already here that are citizens. It’s our messaging that needs to improve,” he advised.

“If people are really upset about the Iran nuclear deal and Obamacare, the sitting Senator here, the senior Senator in Colorado, Michael Bennet, was the deciding vote,” Glenn said, concluding:

And everybody across this country, if you want to make a difference, you can go to ElectDarrylGlenn.com, sign up, donate money because we are going to be on the airwaves, and we want to be able to communicate the message that this is the guy we can hold accountable for those two crucial votes that are, in my opinion, complete disqualifiers from office.

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