Ed Klein: James Comey ‘Under Pressure to Redeem Himself’ After Letting Clinton Off the Hook

Hillary Clinton and James Comey. (Reuters and AFP/Getty Images)
Reuters and AFP/Getty Images

Veteran journalist and editor Ed Klein, author of the new book Guilty as Sin: Uncovering New Evidence of Corruption and How Hillary Clinton and the Democrats Derailed the FBI Investigation, joined SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Tuesday’s Breitbart News Daily to talk about how that investigation has been, to coin a phrase, re-railed.

“In my view, what has not been reported, and what I think is very significant, is that we’ve all forgotten that Anthony Weiner is under investigation for what amounts to child pornography, alleged child pornography,” said Klein.

“Now, if he’s found guilty on multiple charges, they can put him away for life because each charge brings 15, 20 years. So if you’re his attorney, you say to him, ‘Tony, what can you give the prosecutors in exchange for bringing down the number of years you’re gonna have to serve?’ And it’s my view that what he offered them was the computer, and that in exchange, he has gotten an agreement to reduce his charges,” he speculated.

“This computer apparently was unknown to the FBI, and I think the reason that it took two, three, or even four weeks between the time that they stumbled on this computer – because Weiner made it available in exchange for a deal – and the time that [James] Comey knew about it, the director of the FBI, was because they were in the process of cutting this arrangement,” Klein continued.

“Finally, it came to Comey’s attention, as we know, and it became obvious to him and imperative to him that he do something about it – because if he didn’t, can you imagine what would happen after the election, and it became knowledge that he knew about this, did nothing about it? Clearly, the Congress would open a probe of the FBI and why it did nothing about it. And Comey would be, not only on the hot seat, but perhaps even impeachable. So I think that this is the untold story of behind-the-scenes maneuvering on these emails,” he said.

Klein was convinced the allegations of Weiner “sexting” with underage children were “the alpha and the omega of this whole story” because “otherwise, this computer would never have come to light.”

Another factor Klein highlighted was the revolt among FBI agents angry at political interference in their investigations of Hillary Clinton.

“That’s not my opinion; this is my reporting,” he said. “My reporting indicates from several sources that the atmosphere at the FBI has never been, the morale has never been lower, that there is a stack, literally a stack of resignations waiting on Comey’s desk for him to sign, which he has yet to do, that people, when they meet him in the hallway, and he says, ‘Good morning’ to them, many of them don’t even reply because they’re not talking to him; that the sense within the FBI is that he disgraced the institution back in July, when he knew quite well, obviously, that Mrs. Clinton had violated not one, but several federal statutes in jeopardizing national security, and raked her over the coals verbally – and then, for reasons that I think had to do with his not wanting to interfere in the presidential race, let her off legally.”

“Many of the people in the FBI thought that that was disgraceful,” Klein asserted. “I think he’s been under huge pressure ever since to redeem himself. I’m told his wife even – who is not only his most personal, deepest relationship, but also a major adviser in his career – has been telling him, ‘Jim, you’ve got to do something about this.’”

“This is a guy who goes to church every Sunday. He’s an evangelical Catholic,” he said of Comey. “He gets on his knees every night, prays to God, prays about his dead child that he lost, two or three days after the child was born, believes deeply in his own moral rectitude and constantly thinks that he is on the side of the angels. And I think he felt that what he did this time around, which was to send this letter to the Congress, was the highest right, moral thing to do. Whether it was or not, I think that’s what motivated him.”

Marlow suggested Comey would not have reopened the Clinton investigation “unless he knows he’s got the goods.”

“I agree with you. I think the disgrace is not James Comey. I think the disgrace is the White House and the Justice Department because as I report in my book Guilty as Sin, despite what Loretta Lynch said about how independent she was or is, she and Valerie Jarrett were having secret meetings last summer about the email investigation, keeping the President and the White House up to date on everything that Jim Comey was doing,” Klein said.

“And Valerie Jarrett was under explicit orders – I know people say, ‘Well, you never really tell the Attorney General exactly what to do; you kind of wink.’ There was no wink. She was told in no uncertain terms, according to my sources, that under no circumstances should Hillary Clinton be indicted because Barack Obama wants desperately for Hillary Clinton to succeed him in the White House, and not to have Donald Trump in the White House because Donald Trump will completely undo everything that Obama thinks is his legacy,” he added.

“So I think the disgrace is the Attorney General, and the Attorney General trying to interfere with the FBI’s investigations – both of the emails and the Clinton Foundation,” Klein reiterated.

Marlow mentioned a theory proposed by Breitbart News Daily callers that Obama’s real endgame is to get Clinton over the finish line in the 2016 election, then let her running mate, Tim Kaine, the “real Obama guy,” take over if she’s removed from office.

“That’s not such a crazy theory,” said Klein. “It may be a little far-fetched, but your callers are completely right: Tim Kaine and the Clintons were never good friends because Tim Kaine backed Obama in 2008 against Hillary, and one of the deals for Obama to back Hillary this time was for her to pick Tim Kaine, Obama’s boy, as her vice president.”

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