Frank Gaffney: We’ll Likely Find a ‘Mosque Fomenting Jihad’ in OSU Attacker’s Background

Police respond to reports of an active shooter on campus at Ohio State University, Monday, Nov. 28, 2016, in Columbus, Ohio. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)
AP Photo/John Minchillo

On Wednesday’s Breitbart News Daily, Center for Security Policy President Frank Gaffney told SiriusXM host Raheem Kassam that his concerns about freedom of speech go far beyond President-elect Donald Trump’s controversial comments on banning flag burning.

“I think like most Americans, the sight of our flag being defiled or destroyed is infuriating. I think what he was doing was giving expression to that,” Gaffney said. “I worry about freedom of speech. I worry about it in a lot of other ways that are, I think, much more at risk. This is, as they like to say in Washington, settled law for the moment. It would take him getting a new majority in the Supreme Court to do something about this, and that’s a ways off, needless to say.”

“But the main thing is, in the meantime – and you see this in the United Kingdom, you reckon with it at Breitbart every day, I live with it – an awful lot of Americans are now feeling as though their abilities to express themselves in ways that are patriotic, in ways that support our country, in ways that push back against people who are trying to defile our Constitution, among other things, by saying, ‘Well, you know, if you give offense to people, specifically a protected class that are sharia-adherent Islamic supremacists, well your speech is going to have to be constrained,’” Gaffney argued.

“That really does worry me, and I hope Donald Trump will be attending to that, frankly, with a higher priority than this question of whether or not he’s going to overturn this established prohibition on burning of the American flag,” he said.

When Kassam mentioned the massive influx of Muslim immigrants to the United Kingdom and the way British law has bent to accommodate the demands of the Islamic legal code, Gaffney observed that “sharia’s not good for Britain, let’s be clear. Sharia’s not good for any freedom-loving people or, for that matter, Muslims themselves.”

He said sharia is a “brutally repressive program” that “should not be accommodated, let alone promoted, by government or Muslim Brotherhood operatives or the like.”

Kassam asked Gaffney if he believed the Islamic State’s claim of responsibility for Somali-born terrorist Abdul Razak Ali Artan’s car-and-knife attack on Ohio State University.

“You know, to me that’s beside the point,” Gaffney replied. “What I think we have to focus on, which really goes back to what we were just discussing, is: are we turning a blind eye to what is animating these people, and efforts being made, some of them under the guise of protected religious practice, to promote what is now playing out in places like Ohio State, and San Bernardino, and in Chattanooga, and in Orlando, and a great many other places around the world besides here?”

“That is, it seems to me, this whole effort of the Islamic supremacists – and I don’t mean by that all Muslims. I don’t think all Muslims are Islamic supremacists. They may believe their faith is the best, and they’re entitled to believe that. But their commitment to impose it, and specifically this code, this brutally repressive, anti-woman, anti-Jew, anti-homosexual, anti-freedom shari doctrine, is not a protected practice. That is a seditious activity in the West, and certainly in our country, where they’re trying explicitly to supplant our Constitution. If you recognize that, then you have a duty to protect our freedoms and our people against it,” he urged.

“I think the fact that Donald Trump, he made a very important address about all this, as you may remember, back on the 15th of August,” Gaffney recalled. “He really laid out an agenda for what to do, for what I call victory over jihad. It talked about the Islamic State and the need to defeat them – and, by the way, the other violent jihadists doing business under other banners, at least for the moment. He also talked about the Iranian deal. But most especially of importance to me, I think, and to a great many voters, he said we’re not going to import more of these jihadists. We’re not going to remain willfully blind to what they’re up to. We’re going to recognize sharia is an anti-constitutional ideology.”

“And finally, he said we’re going to address ourselves to the networks that are radicalizing these folks. And I believe if you drill down on this character at Ohio State, you’re going to find there is a mosque that was involved in helping foment in him this idea that he needed to engage in jihad – just as there was a mosque in San Bernardino, just as there was a mosque in Orlando, and so on,” he said. “These are at the core, I believe. It’s not just the Islamic State. It is the Muslim Brotherhood, it is the supremacist program of sharia being promoted by a number of these folks, and it’s very, very much what has to be addressed by the new president.”

Kassam and Gaffney discussed some techniques radical imams and sharia apologists routinely employ to escape government and media censure, including what Kassam described as the nearly universal response to questions about the violent aspects of sharia: claiming that the Koran strictly forbids the taking of innocent life.

When Kassam noted Islamists define “innocence” very differently than Western courtrooms, Gaffney added another problem, the concept of “abrogation.” This is understood poorly (or willfully misunderstood) by Western officials and reporters, but it essentially means that the later, more violent chapters in the Koran supersede anything said in the earlier, more placid sections.

As Gaffney put it, the peaceful Koranic verses routinely cited by Islamist apologists were replaced by “provisions that make it very clear you are supposed to ensure the submission of People of the Book and others who are infidels – and if that means their death, so be it.”

“Here’s the other piece of this,” Gaffney continued. “I just want to let your audience know we publish a lot at the Center for Security Policy. As you know, all of our products are online, available for free at We have a new book coming out that’s actually old material, but it’s so directly relevant to your point. It demonstrates, as the United States government has done in federal court, that the Council on American-Islamic Relations – or CAIR, as it’s known – is Hamas.”

“This is derived from wiretaps that were conducted, back in the day when the FBI used to do this sort of thing, of the organizational meeting of the Council on American-Islamic Relations involving Islamists from a group called the Islamic Association for Palestine, and representatives of Hamas,” he continued. “The transcript of this wiretap is what we’ve put forward in an annotated version of CAIR is Hamas. Check it out, folks. It tells you unmistakably that the guys who are endlessly running interference for these jihadists, the guys who are endlessly mau-mauing us into silencing ourselves so that we don’t give offense to them, are people directly tied to and working for the designated terrorist organization known as Hamas.”

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