Gainor: CNN Must Drop Griffin ‘if It Wants to Pretend It’s a Real News Network’

Kathy Griffin

The Media Research Center’s Vice President of Business and Culture, Dan Gainor, spoke with Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Raheem Kassam on Wednesday regarding media coverage of Trump abroad, how the left targets conservative shows’ advertisers, the latest Kathy Griffin fiasco, as well as other topics in the news.

Said Gainor on Griffin, given her long-standing connection to CNN, “If CNN wants to pretend it’s a real news network, which is at this point only a pretense, they can’t have somebody like that on. They just can’t.”

Gainor continued, “The rest of her career, she’s going to have her career. everybody has free speech. If what she did was illegal … that’s up to the Secret Service and Department of Justice…. I certainly want them investigating. She could be unhinged … or was this an attempt to incite. That’s a different issue. But her connection to a neutral news organization, that’s what’s at issue.”

Gainor added that he couldn’t understand CNN already having come to a decision given the broad negative reaction to the Griffin photo.

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