Gainor: NYT, WaPo Just ‘Vanity Press’ Propped Up by Billionaire Owners

FILE - In this Jan. 28, 2016, file photo, billionaire Amazon founder and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos talks about the history and character of the Post during a dedication ceremony for its new headquarters in Washington. Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump told Fox News in an interview on …
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Dan Gainor, vice president of Business and Culture at the Media Research Center, joined Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Monday to discuss press reaction to Anthony Scaramucci, the New York Times’ continued blaming of sexism for Hillary Clinton’s election loss, and other current media topics.

Gainor said, “It’s hard to take the New York Times seriously. The only more shrill and ridiculous print outlet in the country anymore is the Washington Post.”

Gainor continued, “Every week, you will look and see something crazy. Last week in the New York Times was one of their latest op-ed arguments against free speech, arguing that, scientifically, you should be able to say certain speech is not allowed on college campuses.”

In speaking of the Times’ future, Gainor stated, “I think that they feel that this is survival, especially when you’ve got Carlos Slim, Mexican billionaire, throwing his money at the New York Times, continuing to keep it afloat. There’s always been a rich person component to a lot of the media in this country.”

“All throughout our history, it’s a vanity press,” said Gainor. “So the New York Times will continue to survive at least as that, whether it’s Bezos or Buffett or somebody buys it, if this doesn’t work in this version.”

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