Paris Dennard: Many Liberals Shut Down Black Conservative Speech with Personal Attacks

The vitriolic back and forth between two CNN political commentators escalated into an on-air near meltdown Monday, ending with the anchor pleading for her panelists to respect one another. The heated exchange bubbled over when Democratic commentator Keith Boykin questioned whether Paris Dennard, a Republican supporter of President Trump, is …

CNN contributor Paris Dennard spoke with Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Thursday regarding his heated debates on CNN over President Trump’s statements about Charlottesville.

Dennard said, “We are not able as Black Republicans or Black conservatives, able to talk about the issues because what you see from many liberals and many liberal pundits is that they want to attack you personally.”

“They want to question your character,” he continued, “They want to question your commitment to the community.”

Dennard concluded, “I appreciate being able to be on CNN. I appreciate the platform that they give me. But what I don’t appreciate is that some of the commentators that join me on these programs refuse to allow me to share my opinion so that the audience can be informed.”

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