William Gheen: Pressuring Republicans Is How We Stop Amnesty

Young immigrants, activists and supporters of the DACA program march through downtown Los

Grassroots pressure on Republicans is necessary to block the Democrat push for amnesty, said William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration (ALIPAC) , on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Sunday with special guest host Matt Boyle.

The U.S. Citizenship Act, introduced last week by Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-CA) and Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) in the House and Senate, would extend amnesty and citizenship to millions of illegal aliens if enacted into law.

Boyle asked, “What are some of the things that the average person out there, the listener to this program … what  can they do to make a difference on this?”

Gheen said his organization’s email list coordinates pressure campaigns against “RINO Republican” politicians, among others.

“We need people on our email alerts at ALIPAC.us,” Gheen stated, “because we sometimes tell people ahead of time what we’re going to do, and other times we don’t, because the opposition — the pro-amnesty crowd — monitors ALIPAC emails very closely, because they know — Dick Durbin knows — who shut down his Dream Act in 2010.”

Gheen continued, “This week, we’re going to ask people to support the recall against Gavin Newsom and the efforts against [Andrew] Cuomo, because those governors being in trouble can help our fight, and we’re going to release some names.”


Gheen estimated that “six or seven” Republican senators are planning on supporting the Democrats’ amnesty push.

“We think right now they probably got six or seven Republicans in the Senate they can count on to vote to bypass the filibuster or get to  60 votes that they need,” Gheen assessed. “They’ve got about six or seven out of ten. They’re almost there. They could be there, and we just don’t know it yet, in the in the smoky back rooms.”

Gheen said ALIPAC will organize grassroots citizens’ communications opposing amnesty.

 “We’re going to put out some call programs and email social media programs that are very easy for anybody to use, where they can start confronting these senators who are most likely to waver on the the cloture,” Gheen remarked.

Gheen went on, “Over on the congressional side, we’ve got to start lining up GOP primary challengers … because there’s about a good 30 to 40 RINO Republican sell-outs over in the House that are looking forward to helping Nancy Pelosi pass an amnesty bill for illegal immigrants, and they need to look out, I guess, over the barbed wire at the troops outside their buildings and stuff and and see out here across the country not in DC, but a new type of movement.”

Gheen highlighted political exploitation of sympathy for children in order to advance amnesty.

“They’re gonna lead the way with the kids,” Gheen noted. “Dick Durbin and Lindsey Graham have filed the Dream Act again, and they’re going to try to use younger illegal aliens to push through the tip of the spear to get to America’s heart, and they’re gonna play on everybody’s sympathies.”

Democrats’ amnesty pursuit is an attempt to shift demographics towards establishment of a one-party state, Gheen noted.

Gheen determined, “If amnesty passes … and the amnesty bill for 20 million illegal aliens is heading to Joe Biden’s desk to be signed, at that moment, the political war to save America [is] over. It’s finished. The Democrats get 20 million more people to pull voters from.”

“There will never be another Republican president or Republican control of Congress,” Gheen concluded. “They take it all, and they take it all permanently. The people who have been voting Republican — or to the the right of Joe Biden — we don’t matter anymore, ever again, so it’s that important, and it will result in more Americans dying from illegal immigration [and] more people losing their jobs.”

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