Exclusive — Terry Schilling: Critical Race Theory Is Used to Undermine Parents and Family

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Terry Schilling, president of the American Principles Project, told Breitbart News on Tuesday that the neo-Marxist paradigm of “critical race theory” is used to undermine parents’ roles in raising children.

Schilling noted how “critical race theory” frames society as divided along racial lines into oppressed and oppressors.

“These teachers are telling the kids that they are inherently racist and oppressors because of the color of their skin,” Schilling said on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow, author of Breaking the News: Exposing the Establishment Media’s Hidden Deals and Secret Corruption. “They’re also telling these other kids that they’re victims and the oppressed, because of the color their skin, they go on.’

He noted how the ostensibly educational apparatus of government subverts familial relations.

He remarked, “It’s also teaching them that their parents are that way, as well. They are inherently and immediately dividing kids against their parents and placing the schools as an authority figure above the parents, or, as an authority figure that will give them more truth than their parents give.”

“It’s an inherent and direct job attack on the American family and parents’ role,” he added.

Critical Race Theory is used to indoctrinate students into lauding left-wing figureheads as saviors from corrupted social structures, Schilling observed.

“Beyond these direct attacks on our families, they’re teaching our kids that they’re evil, or that they’re victims and they’re trapped in the system that they can’t overcome without the help of some progressive woke elites that come in and destroy all of our institutions,” he concluded.

Schilling linked the expansion of leftist ideology across educational bureaucracies to recent lessening rates of childrearing, relative to previous generations.

“There’s a lot of misconceptions about big families,” he remarked. “They think that it’s messy and a lot of times it is, but … the best benefit of being in a large family [is] it teaches you how to put up with really annoying and obnoxious people, because you’re forced to.”

He continued, “You have to love these other people, so I have a lot more tolerance for obnoxious behaviors than most people do, because I realized the world doesn’t revolve around me. I realized that people have different priorities and different sets of focuses. It’s a more tolerant society when you have bigger families.”

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