The Milo Yiannopoulos Show: The Aftermath of Milo’s DePaul University Visit


The Milo Yiannopoulos Show this week centred around the aftermath of the chaos that took place at DePaul University, as he talked to Kati Danforth and Nicole Bean of the DePaul College Republicans, who organised the event.

The group discussed how DePaul had imposed a substantial security fee on the College Republicans as an attempt to derail the event.

They also provided confirmation of the fact that the man who threatened Milo, Black Lives Matter activist Edward Ward, was not even a student at the university.

Danforth, who is a young black woman, also described how she was called a “white supremacist” by Black Lives Matters activists.

Bean also discussed the aftermath of the event and how the College Republicans had plans to “sue the university” for failing to provide adequate security.

She also expressed doubt as to the promises made by the administration to tackle the issue of free speech on campus, saying that they “got nowhere” during the meeting.

They also criticised the response from University President Rev. Dennis H. Holtschneider about the incident, in which he apologized to the College Republicans but failed to say sorry to Milo, the guest speaker.

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