Milo & Ann: If Trump Loses It Could Mean The End Of The GOP


Conservative author, commentator, and columnist Ann Coulter appears on The Milo Yiannopoulos Show this week to discuss Donald Trump, the future of the #NeverTrump movement and how the mainstream media spins stories for their own gain.

A preview of the episode, which airs on Friday, can be watched below. This is Ann Coulter’s second appearance on the podcast — you can listen to the first one here.

“As we were talking about before, Fox news and other conservative talk radio hosts, they think they make more money when a Democrat is in office.” said Ann

Milo replied to this claim saying, “This is something I’ve wondered about because you look at commentators who have kind of gone all in on the Never Trump thing. What I’m thinking is that there’s one option, that they’re simply principled conservatives who would rather go down with the ship so long as they don’t compromise their beliefs, and then I meet them and realise that can’t be it. The second option is, do they just think it’s good for business to have Hillary as president?”

“I’d say there are two camps, one are the people that make money in Washington, Washington is like there’s something in the water now, their entire raison d’etre, their lives their livelihoods have been proved irrelevant by Trump. I talk about this in my next book, ‘In Trump We Trust’. The subtitle is ‘E Pluribus Awesome’, out August 23rd ” Ann continued.

“So there’s that crowd, the Washington crowd, but the mistake they’re making is, the idea that they think there’s gonna be a functioning Republican party if they take Trump down because if Trump loses, there is one group of people that are gonna be blamed and that is the establishment Republicans, the Never Trump crowd, they will never get that Trump vote, it’s the end of the Republican party and I think it’s the end of the country anyway if Hillary gets elected.”

“As for the talk radio hosts or Fox news who think oh people love to watch when we bash the Democrats, well you have to win once in awhile. People will go and keep rooting for The Mets but if they keep losing, the stadiums are empty. It’s about to be “all we’re gonna do is lose” and that’s not a fun thing to watch”


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