PICTURES: Pro-Trump Art Show Opens In New York City

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“Daddy Will Save Us,” first pro-Trump art show has opened in New York City, and the first pictures from the event can be viewed below.

Featuring contributions from Breitbart’s MILO, conservative commentator Gavin McInnes, and pharmaceutical entrepreneur Martin Shkreli, the event has caused outrage in the art world. It can be watched live at the link below, starting at 8PM (EST).

The event’s organizer, Lucian Wintrich (known for his “Twinks for Trump” photoseries) had to scramble to find a second venue after the exhibitions original location, the Pierogi Art Gallery property The Boiler, abruptly cancelled — and then threatened to sue Wintrich and “ruin his reputation in the art world.”

Wintrich was previously fired from his job over his support for Trump, which MILO praised in an article.

MILO’s piece is a work of performance art, and will feature himself in a bathtub full of pig’s blood, representing the victims of unchecked immigration policies, Islamic terrorism, and lax policing.

A host of other figures have submitted pieces to the event. Their work can be viewed below.


George Washington in a MAGA hat


“Twinks for Trump” Lucian Wintrich’s previous photoseries.


Lucian Wintrich, the man behind Daddy Will Save Us



MILO’s bathtub ahead of his performance



MILO performing his art piece (full pictures and video here). 


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KARMA BRO by Martin Shkreli (full pictures here).



Vice co-founder Gavin Mcinnes and his “HASHTAGS” photoseries (full pictures here).


“Emotional First Aid Kid” by Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe, a piece about leftist college students.


Lucian Wintrich holding a piece featuring Martin Luther King Jr. in a MAGA hat.

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