MILO: ‘It’s Not Usual for a Republican Candidate’ to Fill Rooms ‘With People as Young as This’


MILO entered the stage at a Millennials for Trump rally in Georgia today to chants of his name, before the Breitbart Senior Editor delivered a speech on why it’s so important that Donald Trump is elected in November.

“This is a very young room, and it’s not usual for a Republican candidate for president to fill rooms like this with people as young as this” declared Milo, hinting at how Trump has managed to secure a large youth audience for the Republican Party. “But you’re very important, because you’re representative of a new political force in this country, and It’s a force that as a European I am very happy to see.”

“You have the best country” he continued. “And I would like, as a visitor– somebody who loves this place, for it to stay the best country.”

“Now it isn’t going to stay the best country if it doesn’t have borders” Milo announced. “It isn’t going to stay the best country if it doesn’t have sensible trade agreements with other countries. It isn’t going to stay the best country if you cannot be, do, and say anything you please.”

“I don’t care if you’re a crazy feminist lunatic who shows up to one of my talks to be embarrassed” joked Milo, before referencing and mocking the NAACP chapter president protester at his event in North Carolina on Wednesday. “I don’t mind if you’re one those people. I don’t mind if you’re a petulant, pram-throwing-toys-out of lunatic from Black Lives Matter. I don’t care if you’re a socialist, or a communist, despite the fact that your chosen political philosophy is responsible for more suffering than any other political philosophy in the history of our species. I don’t care if you’re a white supremacist. I don’t care if you’re an anti-Semite.”

“They don’t like me very much, either of those groups” Milo added, before claiming that white supremacists call him a “degenerate, race-mixing, kike faggot.”

“I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to share their views, however noble or odious, and be given the full spotlight of public opinion” he concluded. “They should be given the opportunity to sell themselves to the American public, and find success or be found wanting. The regressive left in this country doesn’t believe that, and Hillary Clinton doesn’t believe that, but it is the foundation of this nation. It is why we admire you guys so much.”

Milo was preceded by Quaterrius Manuel, a black Republican teenager who was mercilessly harassed by Black Lives Matter activists after he appeared in a viral video where he debated a black Democrat on Donald Trump. Manuel asked the audience whether they wanted their country back, before proclaiming “enough is enough” and encouraging millennials in the audience to vote for Donald Trump.

National Vice-Chair and co-founder of Students for Trump, John Lambert, followed Manuel and listed various things that both Trump and Clinton had done, before asking the audience whether they thought it sounded like a candidate who should go to the White House or jail.

“I’m going to say a description of a candidate and I want you to say whether they belong in the White House, or if they belong in jail” said Lambert, before describing the controversies surround Clinton’s emails, the amount of jobs Trump has created, and Clinton’s cozyness with foreign dictators. The audience chanted “jail” for each description of Clinton.

Senator Michael Williams also spoke before Milo, where he encouraged the audience to “make your voices heard through every means available.”

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