***LIVE*** MILO’s ‘World Patriarchy Day’ Anniversary Extravaganza at Clemson University


Tonight, October 18th, MILO will speak at Clemson University, where left-wing activists and professors have been attempting to torpedo his event. It’s his birthday, so the show is expected to be particularly high-energy.

The event begins at 7:00PM EST in Tillman Hall of Clemson University. It’s a sold out show, much like the others on MILO’s Dangerous Faggot Tour across the United States of America.

MILO will discuss the attempts by Clemson professors to disrupt or cancel his event, as well Harambe (PBUH), the late gorilla of Cincinnati zoo.

Jokes and memes about Harambe were recently banned by Clemson administrators due to concerns over racism and “rape culture.” Administrators did not explain how Harambe, who merely wanted to make friends with a small child, ties into either of those things.

Watch the event live, using the link below, at the scheduled time.


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