MILO Liberates UWM Women’s Locker Rooms From Trans Student


A transsexual who forced his way into the women’s bathrooms at UW-Milwaukee has sensationally quit the university after Breitbart senior editor MILO called him out live on stage.

Speaking to LGBT news site Pink News, transwoman Justine Kramer said she was quitting the university after MILO was allowed to call her out for using Title IX legislation to force her way into women’s locker rooms at UWM.

Discussing MILO’s event which can be watched in full here, the article states “In his speech – which was streamed on the internet by far-right news outlet Breitbart – Yiannopoulos singled out Milwaukee engineering student Adelaide Kramer, showing pictures of her on a PowerPoint presentation and mocking her as a “man in a dress” who ’I’d almost still bang’”

MILO, who is emerging as a second-wave feminist hero in the vein of the late Phyllis Schlafly, said “If all it takes are a few strong words from me to make trans people leave women in peace in their bathrooms, I’m definitely going to up the ante. Really, if he can’t take a joke, how is he going to cope with having his dick cut off?”

“Thanks to me, UWM is a little safer for women. It seems I’ve become one of the last true feminists. Isn’t that weird!”

The Pink News piece initially provides some background on MILO describing him saying, “Far-right internet troll Milo Yiannopoulos has seen his media profile rise thanks to attention-grabbing bigoted comments and support of Donald Trump, whom he refers to as ‘daddy.’”

Speaking to Pink News, Justine Kramer criticised the college for allowing MILO to speak, “As I’ve already said, ‘YOU KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN. WE TOLD YOU IT WOULD. AND WE TOLD YOU AGAIN. AND AGAIN.’”


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