ELLE: Publishing MILO’s Book ‘Will Endanger Human Lives’

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Instagram / Sady Doyle

French lifestyle magazine ELLE has claimed that the publisher Simon & Schuster’s decision to offer MILO a $250,000 book deal is irresponsible as it will “endanger human lives.”

Joining in the mass left-wing media outrage over the book deal, ELLE columnist Sady Doyle made a range of extraordinary claims about Breitbart’s senior editor, such as the idea that “he openly despises people who play video games,” and that he has become “a key player in the rise of neo-Nazism.”

However the most shocking part of Doyle’s article was her claim “there is good reason to believe that publishing it [the book] will endanger human lives.”

Doyle argued that the book will be weaponised by MILO in order to target certain individuals, whose lives will consequently “go up in flames.”

“The harassment that follows a brush with Milo isn’t light teasing; it’s violent assault,” she wrote.

Doyle also claimed that “Yiannopoulos’ tactics are becoming increasingly widespread, simply because terror and the fear of bodily harm is a very effective way to silence opposition,” adding that “on the Internet, the line between words and actions is terminally blurry.”

DANGEROUS is available to pre-order now via Amazon, in hardcover and Kindle editions. And yes, MILO is reading the audiobook version himself! 

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