NBC News Reporter Labels MILO a ‘White Nationalist Troll’

Emma_Margolin Cropped

NBC News reporter Emma Margolin labelled Breitbart Senior editor MILO a “white nationalist troll” in a recent article on Leslie Jones’ reaction to MILO’s book deal.

Margolin, who is a reporter with NBC News and MSNBC, authored an article entitled, “Leslie Jones Rips Simon & Schuster for Publishing Book by White Nationalist Troll Milo Yiannopoulos.” The article focuses on disparaging comments that Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones made about MILO’s recent book deal with Simon & Schuster.

“Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones is lending her voice to a chorus of critics upset that Breitbart editor and leading white nationalist figure Milo Yiannopoulos has signed a book deal with a Simon & Schuster imprint,” Margolin wrote.

Margolin suggests that the Yiannopoulos Privilege grant is evidence of MILO’s white-nationalist tendencies. Writing in August, I suggested that young white men from impoverished upbringings are often forgotten by scholarship programs designed to help minorities students.

The assumption that all members of certain demographic groups are better off than all members of others is what allows third-wave feminists from affluent upbringings to tell white males from poor and broken neighborhoods to “check their male privilege.” It’s what will allow Lebron James’ children enjoy a lower university admission standard than that of a poor white Cleveland teenager.

One of the hubs for white-supremacy on the internet, The Daily Stormer, declared a “Holy Crusade” against MILO in September, claiming that MILO was the “single greatest threat” to their anti-semitic and white supremacist movement.

Andrew Anglin, editor of the Daily Stormer, published an article on the website this Tuesday that declares Milo is taking their “brand [and] symbols, and turning them against us for a neocon-Jew conservative agenda. He is rewriting our narrative, while taking everything that we have created” to supposedly use for his own ends.

DANGEROUS is available to pre-order now via Amazon, in hardcover and Kindle editions. And yes, MILO is reading the audiobook version himself! 

Tom Ciccotta is a libertarian who writes about social justice and libertarian issues for Breitbart News. You can follow him on Twitter @tciccotta or email him at tciccotta@breitbart.com


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