Sponsors Sail Away from the Clippers

Sponsors Sail Away from the Clippers

His players ditched their “Clippers” gear in Sunday’s pregame warmups. His coach cancelled practice today. The NAACP rescinded a “lifetime achievement” award scheduled for bestowal next month. The Village People even want “YMCA” off the playoff playlist of the Staples Center.

Inevitably, the corporate sponsors of Donald Sterling’s Los Angeles Clippers want out, too. 

First, CarMax bailed. StateFarm deemed Donald Sterling not such a “good neighbor,” too. Red Bull, while continuing to amp up star Clipper Blake Griffin, announced that it won’t boost the team’s bottom line any longer.

Sterling, who allegedly told a girlfriend that he didn’t want her associating with black people at his games or in online pictures, has sparked nationwide disgust. The NBA will publicly address the controversy tomorrow.

It doesn’t matter if the business is planes, trains, or automobiles, corporations want nothing to do with the nautical-themed team.

Virgin America has flown from their sponsorship deal. “While we continue to support the fans and the players,” a spokesman told TMZ, “Virgin America has made the decision to end its sponsorship of the L.A. Clippers.” America’s leading rail transportation company has similarly left the station. A company flak explained, “Amtrak believes the language used is unacceptable and is inconsistent with our corporate belief to treat everyone with integrity and dignity.” The auto manufacturer Kia announced, “We are suspending our advertising and sponsorship activations with the Clippers. Meanwhile, as fans of the game of basketball, our support of the players and the sport is unwavering.”