Vail Lifting: Beauty Queen/Army Sergeant Soars In Adventure Sports Show


A Miss America finalist, an Army National Guard sergeant, and a bow hunter, Theresa Vail is the quintessential renaissance woman. And now you can watch her tackle some brand new adventures in an exciting TV series.

Vail will star in Limitless with Theresa Vail this summer on Outdoor Channel. It will mark the first time a woman has hosted a show on the network by herself. All signs indicate she will be able to handle it.

Each half-hour episode will focus on Vail and her love of the outdoors. The former Miss Kansas looks to shatter stereotypes, break barriers, and transform opinions of what an American woman can and should be. The program will also take an in-depth look at Vail’s back story, including her journey to becoming Miss Kansas. Not your run-of-the-mill pageant queen, Vail made a splash by displaying her tattoos while competing in the Miss America swimsuit competition and impressing the masses with her ability to speak Chinese. This show is tailored perfectly for a woman like Vail whose Twitter account offers up the description: “Dog mom, God, guns and country.”

The eclectic show will feature Vail embarking on a whitetail hunt,  trekking dozens of miles in a Bataan Death March in New Mexico, climbing Wyoming’s notorious “Devil’s Tower,” searching for grizzlies, harvesting her first elk, and even skydiving. If it sounds dangerous, it is. That’s exactly how Vail likes it.

“It’s the combination of a hunting show and an extreme adventure show,” Vail told Breitbart Sports. “I’ve always tried to do things out of the box. That’s what I do. I love it and I wouldn’t change it for anything. The closer to death I can get, the better.”

Vail took some time off from spoiling her African Mastiff puppy, Sarge to throw herself into circumstances where she is constantly pushing the limits and testing boundaries. Viewers will see her amazing grit and determination as she conquers scenarios that will make thrill-seekers smile ear to ear. She came into the show prepared, thanks to her experiences in the pageant world, in the military, and in her early life.

“Miss America taught me how to perfect my public speaking and how to be diplomatic,” said Vail. Skills that help when dealing with the anti-gun crowd. A self-described “social pariah” growing up, Vail blazed her own trail. “Not having friends forced me to start learning Chinese and join the Army,” Vail said. “I would do things that I really wanted to do and not be influenced by bad-friend groups like a lot of people get sucked into in their teenage years.”

While she may have not been in the cool crowd as a teen, Vail always had her dad–a man she calls her hero, inspiration and influence–by her side. Vail’s dad was a military man for 33 years, so his daughter decided to go the military route, too. The youngest of six children, Vail thought she’d spare her father from having to pay for another college education as he did for her five siblings. “It taught me to grow up very quickly,” Vail said.

Now it’s time for a new challenge. The show is “the coolest thing I’ve ever done,” according to Vail. That’s saying something when you look at her incredible resume.

Limitless with Theresa Vail is scheduled to debut in July. To hear the full interview with Vail head to


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