Nebraska: 20 Student-Athletes to Watch in 2015-16


When you think about Nebraska, you think about football—and Alex Lewis should be protecting quarterback Tommy Armstrong this season. However, Omaha hosts the College World Series, and the greatest athlete ever from the state is pitcher Bob Gibson.

We ran the Value Add Sports calculations on all returning Nebraska athletes and emailed 30 sports writers and other experts in the state to help rank the 25 state players to watch on a list we will update here.

Omaha’s Clayton Taylor (pictured) gets to play all his home games in Omaha, and was a freshman All-American in 2014 before putting up more big numbers this season. Softball freshman Megan May took another freshman of the year award in 2015.

Creighton basketball had a rebuilding year after losing the National Player of the Year Doug McDermott, and they are loaded again with three of the top student-athletes in the state (but two of them are sitting this year).

  1. Tommy Armstrong, Nebraska Cornhuskers, Foot, QB
  2. Alex Lewis, Nebraska Cornhuskers, Foot, OLine
  3. Maurice Watson, Creighton/2017, Basket, PG
  4. Clayton Taylor, Omaha, baseball,
  5. Isaiah Zierden, Creighton, Basket, SG
  6. Marcus Foster, Creighton/2017, Basket, SG
  7. Cole Gruber, Omaha, Baseball,
  8. Maddie Osmundson, Nebraska, Track/Field, Javelin
  9. Shavon Shields, Nebraska, Basket, PF
  10. Toby Hegner, Creighton, Basket, PF
  11. Zach Sterup, Nebraska Cornhuskers, Foot, OLine
  12. Megan May, Omaha, softball,
  13. Mikaela Shaw, Omaha, basketball,
  14. Zach Hanson, Creighton, Basket, C
  15. Daniel Davie, Nebraska Cornhuskers, Foot, DBack
  16. Felipe da Silva, Omaha, Soccer,
  17. Lizzie Noble, Omaha, softball,
  18. Mark Moulton, Omaha, soccer,
  19. Benny Parker, Nebraska, Basket, PG
  20. Andy Janovich, Nebraska Cornhuskers, Foot, RB and Tre’Shawn Thurman, Nebraska Omaha, Basket, PF


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