Roger Goodell Upholds Tom Brady’s Suspension

Tom Brady and Roger Goodell AP

The NFL announced on Tuesday that Roger Goodell has upheld the four-game suspension meted out to Tom Brady over Deflategate.

The decision sets up a court battle between the New England Patriots quarterback and the NFL. Boasting Jeffrey Kessler as his lawyer, Tom Brady teams up with an attorney enjoying an unrivaled track record in defeating the NFL in court.

The NFL and the players’ association attempted in vain to negotiate a settlement and avoid an embarrassing legal battle.

With Roger Goodell essentially deciding an appeal of his own judgment, NFL rules imposing a $25,000 fine over the alleged transgression, and the NFL inexplicably rejecting the AFC Championship Game referee’s testimony that he used a gauge to measure the balls pregame that clears eight of the eleven balls used by the Patriots, Brady appears to take a strong case to court.

The NFL suspended the Super Bowl MVP for four games for the 2015 season, issued a $1 million fine to the Patriots, and took away draft picks, including a first-round selection, from the team.