Deadspin Editor Challenges Cruz Supporters to UFC Fight, Actual UFC Fighter Responds

Tim Kennedy

The Twitter muscles are strong in this one. Tim Marchman, editor at Deadspin, reacted angrily when Senator Ted Cruz clowned his website on Tuesday. After his site told Ted Cruz to “eat shit,” following a simple light-hearted joke, Marchman must have figured that Deadspin hadn’t yet humiliated themselves to the degree at which they are truly capable.

In the pursuit of helping Deadspin fulfill its potential to act like a nine-year-old, Marchman took to Twitter and essentially challenged Ted Cruz supporters to a MMA-style cage match.

Marchman said:

Imagine Marchman’s surprise when his keyboard-bullying antics caught the attention of none other than one of the most dangerous humans on the face of the planet, Army Ranger, Special Forces Operator, sniper, and UFC fighter Tim Kennedy:

As of this writing, Marchman has not responded to Kennedy via Twitter. Nor will he, in all likelihood, since Kennedy would harm Marchman in unthinkable ways.

Violence against the media should never take place, and remains one of the things this country stands firmly against. However, do those rules change when the media literally asks for it?

We’ll probably never get to find out.

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