Runnin’ Rebel: Son Of Shark and Mama Grizzly Hunt RINO In Nevada

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The man whose dad was known as “Shark” is hunting a big RINO in Nevada. Danny Tarkanian, son of basketball coaching legend Jerry Tarkanian, is running for U.S. Senate in Nevada. Tarkanian is a strong Trump supporter and his outsider campaign has already earned him the endorsement of the ultimate conservative powerhouse, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

Things are looking up for Tarkanian, and that means things may be looking up for President Trump and the country.

Unlike his primary opponent, incumbent GOP Senator Dean Heller, Tarkanian is truly against Obamacare. Heller had a chance to support a sweeping repeal of the Affordable Care Act but chose to reject that repeal. Because of very non-Republican moves like that, several Republican (in name only) senators are in jeopardy of being ousted in a primary vote. Heller is vulnerable, and the son of “Shark” can smell blood.

While Heller continuously bashed candidate Donald Trump during the 2016 race for the White House, Tarkanian is proud to let all of Nevada know he is pro-Trump all the way. He also believes his late father would’ve been a Trump man too. “He’d love President Trump,” Tarkanian said during an appearance on The Palin Update radio program. “My dad hated phonies. My dad’s biggest line was ‘You can teach a thief not to steal, you can’t teach a dishonest person to be honest’. He hated phonies more than anything. Donald Trump tells it like it is and he would love somebody that would tell it like it is.”

While Tarkanian can only speculate about his dad’s feelings toward Trump, he knows for a fact what “Shark” thought of the “Mama Grizzly”. “My dad made a career out of taking junior college transfers and bringing them into his four year program,” Tarkanian said. “When he found out that Sarah Palin went to a junior college in Idaho before she went to a university, he was so excited when she was the VP candidate, he said she could be the first JUCO transfer to make it to the White House.”

Tarkanian looks back fondly at the amazing teams his dad coached, particularly the 1989-90 National Champion squad and the 1990-91 runners up. Over those two seasons, the Runnin’ Rebels posted a lusty combined record of 69-6.

“Great memories and they were really great people,” said Tarkanian. “My dad always said Larry Johnson was a better person than he was a basketball player and he was the best basketball player in the country when he was playing at UNLV. Stacey Augmon’s a great guy–hardly ever talks–but he’s such a great guy, a loyal guy.”

The UNLV teams a decade before were nothing to sneeze at either. Danny Tarkanian played for his dad from 1981-1984 and the team made multiple NCAA Tournament appearances while capturing conference championships along the way. From Danny Tarkanian’s group to Larry Johnson’s edition, UNLV has had quite a run on the hardwood.

“We had great pride in being a Rebel,” Tarkanian said. “We worked very, very hard making sure we held the high standards (of the program).”

While playing for his father, Danny Tarkanian averaged almost nine assists per game. Now, this husband, father, and businessman looks to dish out a huge assist to President Trump and the nation by ejecting Senator Heller who is way over the foul limit.

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