Empty Seats Aplenty at Kickoff for the Start of Week 8

AP Richard Vogel
AP Photo/Richard Vogel

In what has become one of the more predictable stories in all of sports, the NFL’s early games for featured plenty of empty seats.

Finding Waldo, or anyone else, wouldn’t be much of a challenge in Cincinnati:

The fans in Tampa were not overly inspired either, despite hosting the rival Panthers in an important divisional matchup:

The Jets and Falcons had plenty of room for late arriving fans. The only problem, they didn’t have many fans of the early or late arriving variety:

Another parting shot of the Bucs-Panthers(NSFW):

The picture speaks louder than the words in the caption. However, as loud as the picture speaks, there’s still no indication the NFL is listening. Fans have clearly decided they have better things to do on a Sunday afternoon, then watch bad football and activist players.

How many empty stadiums will it take before they listen?

Stay tuned for additional pics from the late games.


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