Poll: NFL More Polarizing Than ABC, CBS, Huff Po, and Breitbart News

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A new survey of some of the nation’s most polarizing brand names, finds the NFL ranking in higher on the polarization scale than several news networks. Such as ABC, CBS, Fox Business, the Huffington Post, and even Breitbart News.

The Morning Consult poll of America’s most polarizing brands naturally finds the Trump brand of hotels at the top of the list as it has since Trump won the nomination for president. Interestingly, CNN, the cable news network President Trump has repeatedly slammed for its “fake news,” comes in second.

But as the national anthem protests stretch into the NFL’s Week 8 games and after a previous season of sporadic protests against the country during the national anthem, the NFL comes in as the seventh most polarizing brand in America.

Indeed, the extremely unhinged MSNBC is only two spots higher than the NFL of this month’s list, according to Martin Armstrong at Satista.

“When looking at favorability, the NFL enjoys a net score of 38 percent among Clinton voters,” Armstrong wrote. “When subtracting the share of Trump voters giving a negative rating from those giving a favorable one, the result is a score of -24 percent. For Republican voters, this makes it one of the least popular brands, with only CNN and the New York Times receiving a lower score in this list -28 percent and -25 percent, respectively.”

The NFL is the lone professional sport on the most divisive list, with most brands being activist news agencies or brands associated with a particular political or religious message.

Filling out the top ten after the seventh-placed NFL is The Huffington Post, CBS News, Chick-Fil-A, Fox Business Network, Breitbart News, Cabela’s outdoor stores, and NBC Sports.

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