Ohio State’s Nick Bosa Says ‘Black Panther’ Is the ‘Worst Marvel Movie Ever,’ Calls Kaepernick a ‘Clown’

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Ohio State’s Nick Bosa will in all likelihood be the #1 pick in the NFL draft next year. However, thanks to a few tweets, Bosa may find himself as Public Enemy #1 of the left right now.

On Sunday, the Ohio State defender took to Twitter to say that Black Panther was the “worst marvel movie of all time:”


That opinion brought a chorus of disapproval from the Twitterverse:


Some would argue that saying NFL draft stock would fall because of a non-racial criticism of a movie, is also dumb. However, Bosa’s disapproval of Black Panther isn’t the only material from his Twitter account which might produce cringing by the left.

Soon after taking Bosa to task for his comments on Black Panther, triggered Twitter users began searching through Bosa’s timeline and found that which they no doubt believe is the source of the problem: Nick Bosa is a supporter of President Trump:


In addition to heaping praise on Republican icons like President’s Trump and Reagan, Bosa committed what must be the only sin that could rival praising Trump and Reagan: He ripped Colin Kaepernick and Beyonce’:

These tweets brought further discontent, this time from a member of the sports media.

All three of those opinions are possible to hold while not being white, a Republican, or a racist, but try telling that to the Twitter mob.

The charge of racism against Bosa is even more absurd after looking at his timeline. Bosa has retweeted black conservative radio host Larry Elder, perhaps more than he’s retweeted any other political personality. Making it clear that the likely future #1 pick doesn’t dislike black people, he just doesn’t seem to like liberals.

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