WATCH: Cubs Get Involved After Adult Fan Takes Baseball Intended for a Child

Chicago Cubs

A Cubs fan at Wrigley Field took a baseball intended for a child, and gave it to the woman seated next to him.

First base coach Will Venable approached the stands with the ball and tossed it to a child in the front row. However, the kid did not catch the ball, and it rolled under his seat to the row behind him. A fan in the second row then picked the ball up and handed it to the woman seated next to him.

The incident did not go unnoticed by the Cubs, who then made sure to make amends by giving the young fan a ball signed by second baseman Javier Baez.

So, in the end, a Cubs fan got a great memory and the Cubs got a great win over an arch rival, defeating the Cardinals 7-2.

UPDATE: David Kaplan of ESPN 1000 in Chicago is reporting that the fan who took the ball away from the child, had actually helped give the child a ball earlier in the game.

While this new info certainly puts the adult Cubs fan in a better light, he still took a ball that was intended for a child and gave it away.

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