Elizabeth Warren on Redskins Owner’s Superyacht: ‘I’m Pretty Sure He can Pay my New #UltraMillionaire Tax’

Elizabeth Warren
AFP/Getty/Robyn Beck

Washington Redskins Owner Daniel Snyder hasn’t had much to show for himself, when it comes to getting wins on the field. In fact, one of the only areas where Snyder has had anything to brag about is when it comes to his acquisitions off the field.

Now, even that has come under fire.

Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, took a shot at the Redskins owner on Saturday, in a tweet aimed at Snyder’s purchase of a new, $100 million yacht:

As Pro Football Talk explains, “Warren wants, on top of all other taxes, a two-percent surcharge to be imposed on personal fortunes of $50 million or more, with the number moving to three percent at $1 billion.”

What would also help the millions of “yacht-less” — or even yacht-equipped Americans — with their student loans, is if the federal government would get out of the business of subsidizing the college education of millions of Americans through student loans. A system which essentially bankrolls universities and gives them the opportunity to charge confiscatory tuition rates.

Though, one probably shouldn’t expect the Senator to propose any changes when it comes to that.

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