Transgender Cyclist Blames Trump Jr. for Hate Mail, Death Threats

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Transgender cyclist Rachel McKinnon insisted in a recent op-ed that trans athletes are not “the end of women’s sports,” because men who claim to be transgender women truly are real women and have a “human right” to compete.

McKinnon, who was born a male, competed as a man until a few seasons ago, and now claims to be a female athlete, starts off a December 5 New York Tmes op-ed noting that he “broke the masters women’s world record in the 200-meter time trial by 0.24 seconds with a time of 11.649 seconds” in October.

“People are angry,” McKinnon adds, “because I’m a transgender woman, and I race in the women’s category.”

McKnnion goes on to complain about the hate mail pouring in:

Soon after my win, Donald Trump Jr. threw a Twitter tantrum about me. I’ve seen a huge uptick in the volume of hate mail I’ve received in the weeks since. I have four people who monitor my Instagram to delete hateful messages; they’ve been overwhelmed by the volume. Twitter is far worse. I’ve received death threats, but I try not to dwell on them.

The trans cyclist insists that those who claim he cheated are wrong because cycling’s governing body has approved his competition as a woman.

McKinnon also knocks down those who claim he should race against men and stay out of the women’s categories. Why? Because his birth certificate now says he is a she.

Many want me to race against men. I have news for them: I’m not allowed. I’m legally female. My birth certificate, passport, driver’s license, U.S. permanent resident card, medical records and my racing license all have an “F” on them. The Union Cycliste Internationale, USACycling, Cycling Canada, the Canadian and United States governments and the state of South Carolina all agree that I’m female.

“The rules require me to race in the women’s category,” McKinnon exclaims. “That’s exactly where I belong: I am a woman, after all. I am female as well. ”

McKinnon next points to a competitor who was born a woman and who has achieved faster times as proof that being born a man does not give him an edge over natural born women.

McKinnon then says that his testosterone levels “are so low that they’re undetectable,” and have been for years because he transitioned to a woman in 2012.

The winning cyclist also says that having male body features does not give him an edge over natural born women, and cites female cyclist Dawn Orwick who has beaten McKinnon “more times than I’ve beaten her, head-to-head.”

After citing the International Olympics Committee’s inclusion of trans athletes, McKinnon adds that none of the trans athletes who are set to enter Olympics competition are favored to be winners of the games in their categories. Ergo, trans athletes are no threat to women.
Summing it up, McKinnon says, “Trans women are women,” adding “We are female. And we are not taking over. No openly trans woman has set an open elite world record in any sport (remember: mine is in masters racing). No openly trans woman has won an elite world championship in any sport, let alone a medal.”

In the end, McKinnon proclaims that it is a “human right” for trans athletes to compete as their chosen gender.

“It is a human right to be able to compete. I will continue to show up. I hope you’ll consider cheering.”

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