Colt Python: Your Camp Gun, Hunting Revolver, Trail Sidearm All Rolled Into One

This year has been marked by heavy demand for the re-released Colt Python.
AWR Hawkins

This year has been marked by heavy demand for the re-released Colt Python. Those who have been fortunate enough to get their hands on one understand what all the fuss is about, as the Python is your camp gun, a hunting revolver, a trail sidearm, and a home defense firearm, all rolled into one.

It is a trail gun with an exquisite trigger, a hunting revolver which makes .357 magnum recoil so manageable that second shot acquisition is a breeze, and a camp/home defense gun with the power to handle business; whether that business is a midsize-to-large predator or a gang of home invaders intent doing harm.

And the Python is beautiful while doing whatever it is you want it to do.

The revolver is available with a 4.25″ or 6″ barrel and is extremely accurate, thanks in part to the aforementioned trigger, but also due to Colt’s highly reliable barrel making.

It holds six founds of .357 magnun or .38 special ammunition, and its weight–46 ounces–is distributed in a way that shooting some of the hottest .357 magnum loads only produces the recoil one is accustomed to feeling from a .38 special round in other revolvers.

It must be noted that this revolver is a true hunter. We have hunted wild hogs in West Texas with the Python, using 200 grain, hardcast Doubletap Ammunition, and the hogs–otherwise known as nuisance animals–were ushered out of this world.

The Colt Python was originally introduced in the 1950s. This this year’s re-introduction allows legacy to meet opportunity, as the grandsons and granddaughters shooting with their grandpas and grandmothers in the decades afterward the original release have produced a new generation of hunters/homeowners/campers who can fall in love with the Python all over again.

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