Sports Reporter Tries to Expose NFL Coach as Homophobe, Ends Up Exposing Himself

Dan Campbell
Chris Trotman/Getty Images

A reporter for the Detroit Free Press found himself on the defensive and apologizing, after his attempt to smear an NFL coach went disastrously wrong.

Marlowe Alter, an assistant sports editor at the Detroit Free Press, attempted to publicly smear current Saints tight ends coach and Lions head coaching candidate Dan Campbell in a piece he wrote on Friday. In the article, Alter references a comment he attributes to Campbell from a 1998 pep rally when Campbell was a player at Texas A&M University.

Campbell reportedly said that he was proud to attend a school where “men like women and women like men.”

However, it wasn’t long after the article was published that Alter found himself on the defensive after Twitter users uncovered some extremely anti-gay comments Alter made in the past.

“I love walking all the way to Ping to be turned away cause I’m not taking fag summer classes,” Alter tweeted in 2012

“What the f–k is a Michigan man brah? Oh a hugggggge fag :),” Marlowe wrote.

After being outed as an unbelievable hypocrite and terrible person, Alter apologized for the tweets:

Though, despite “deeply” regretting his actions, Alter apparently didn’t regret them enough to apologize directly to Dan Campbell, the man whose career he attempted to ruin. Nor does it appear that the Detroit Free Press employer is attempting to make him apologize to Campbell.

Which, probably shouldn’t surprise anyone.


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